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. . . With it's miniscule savings . . . this merger simply isn't worth the effort and disruption . . .

Reject the merger plan

The School Committee should resoundingly reject Superintendent D'Alessandro's proposed school merger plan and its resulting staff cuts. With it's miniscule savings of roughly 1% of the budget, despite an overall drop in students of several times that, this merger simply isn't worth the effort and disruption it will cause.

Instead, Superintendent D'Alessandro and the School Committee should focus on determining exactly how much money is needed to provide the much touted 'excellent education in every classroom.' This analysis would also include determining where CPS currently spends its money, a feat absolutely impossible to accomplish by reviewing the poorly organized CPS budget and supporting documents.

When they've figured out how much money CPS must spend, and exactly where it must be spent, to provide educational opportunities that attract and retain families, CPS officials should work with the City to get appropriate funding, not simply cut school funding to meet a set of budget numbers set primarily by people without children in Cambridge public schools.

The bottom line is, Cambridge Public Schools will not provide more 'excellent education in every classroom' simply by cutting teachers and support staff. To pretend otherwise is dishonest to CPS staff, Cambridge families and, most importantly, to the CPS students who will be most impacted by any school mergers and staffing cuts.

Cambridge Chronicle
November 20, 2002