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. . . There is much more than MCAS to discuss when it comes to CPS . . .

Tone down the MCAS rhetoric

The 25 September Chronicle headline "We're Better Than Lynn" was certainly dramatic. Combined with the use of "wallow" in only slightly smaller text, I am sure many parents were ready to run to private school before they even read the article.

At a time when parents, especially the ones who have the option of moving out of town or shifting to private schools, are increasingly angst-ridden over the upcoming grammar school reorganization, headlines such as the one noted above do little to further productive public discussion of the Cambridge Public School system.

I hope the Chronicle will tone down the rhetoric of its headlines on an issue as important as public education. I also hope the Chronicle, and the Cambridge Public School system, will do a better job of getting other aspects of the schools on the front page every week. Whether its the impacts of the new controlled-choice system, the success of various clubs and teams or follow-ups on how many of last year's graduating football champions went on to college, there is much more than MCAS to discuss when it comes to CPS.

Cambridge Chronicle
October 9, 2002