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Because Neighborhoods Count 

. . . think they can bully our fellow citizens . . . then those of us in other neighborhood struggles . . . will be the next . . .

Hang together or be hung

The threat at home

As the father of two young children who has had his own house and savings threatened by developers for standing firm on environmental issues, I read with horror about David Clem's legal assault on my East Cambridge neighbors. I am proud to call one of Clem's named defendants a friend, and I know for a fact that he is an honorable, intelligent and honest man. My wife and my first response was to send a check to the Clem Legal Defense Fund set up by the Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods.

Hang together or be hung alone

If multi-millionaire developers in East Cambridge think they can bully our fellow citizens around without a fight, then those of us in other neighborhood struggles, such as the Grace site and the Alewife Reservation stormwater retention pond, will be the next on the chopping block. If we don't hang together, then we will certainly be hung separately.

Money for neighborhoods, not for Council elections

Ironically, Clem's suit comes just as the fund-raising letters for City Council elections are starting to pop up in our mail. Compared to the East Cambridge defendants who, as a group, are putting it all on the line to keep their neighborhood livable, the professional politicians' promises of "fighting" for what's right, providing real "leadership" and "working together" for Cambridge look like the watered-down platitudes they are. This year, instead of giving our money to city councilors whose primary accomplishment this term was to vote themselves a massive pay raise, Hope and I are going to support the people who are selflessly trying to make Cambridge a better place to live and raise a family. Anyone else who cares about keeping city and corporate power from crushing Cambridge residents should think about doing the same.

Cambridge Chronicle
June 13, 2001