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. . . There's enough work on the City Council to keep you busy if you want to do it . . .

What's wrong with being a City Councilor?

When I read that Cambridge city Councilor Marjorie Decker was running for state representative against a progressive incumbent (Cambridge Chronicle, Feb. 12), I couldn't help by wonder, "What's wrong with being a city councilor?"

Just a few months ago, Marjorie, as well as would-be state Sen. Anthony Galluccio and state Rep/City Councilor Tim Toomey, were begging Cambridge residents for both votes and money, arguing just how important it was that they receive the voters' number one votes. But now, being a mere city councilor doesn't seem to be enough for these professional politicians.

I've got news for these three wanna-be double-dippers. There's enough work on the City Council to keep you busy if you want to do it. In North Cambridge alone, the Cambridge Community Development Department (CDD) is terribly in need of adult supervision that the city manager's officer seems unable to provide. Whether it's planning to remove the Massachusetts Avenue safety median strip, conducting stealth "repairs" to the Yerxa Road railroad underpass or destabilizing neighborhoods by forcing inappropriate projects on them, CDD generally does what it wants with little or new consideration for the local community. And North Cambridge seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Rather than pounding the pavement looking for the votes to get into higher office, I"d suggest that these three city councilors find out what's going on in various parts of the city so they can better understand the concerns of the people they currently represent.

Frankly, there were a lot of people who wanted to be on the City Council this past election. Many of them would have done fine jobs. If councilors Decker, Galluccio and Toomey want to play the State House game, they should have done the rest of us a favor and stayed out of the City Council race.

Cambridge Chronicle
March 2, 2002