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Endorsements for Craig's candidacy for City Council

2013 Endorsements

Massachusetts Sierra Club

2011 Endorsements

Massachusetts Sierra Club

2009 Endorsements

Cambridge Chronicle: 29 October, 2009

Craig Kelley: Kelley's role on the council as the watchdog for gritty neighborhood issues, such as crime, education and transportation, is an asset the council. At times, Kelley votes against the majority on important council matters, such as council pay raises or other issues that don't benefit the city as a whole. The Cambridge City Council, which has been said to be a rubberstamp for the city manager's policies, simply needs someone to question the manager, any lack of transparency, and city policies overall.

Cambridge Ward 6 Democratic Committee
Massachusetts Sierra Club

2007 Endorsements

Cambridge Chronicle

"Craig Kelley- Kelley's grasp of neighborhood issues, including crime and traffic, is unparalleled. We think another term on the City Council would give him the opportunity to reach out to people who wouldn't otherwise have a voice in City Hall."
(Cambridge Chronicle, Thursday, November 1, 2007 – Editorial: Our picks for City Council, School Committee)

Massachusetts Sierra Club
Progressive Democrats of Cambridge
The Alewife
Ward Six Democratic Committee

2005 Endorsements

Cambridge Chronicle

". . . Kelley has been a die-hard neighborhood activist for North Cambridge and a friend to all bicyclists and pedestrians. Kelley's relentless efforts to get traffic signals changed or potholes filled show he is cut out for the constituent service part of a councilor's job. But in this campaign, Kelley has proven himself to be more than a one-issue candidate, focusing attention on the schools and the city budget. A rabble-rouser like Kelley could infuse some needed energy in to the Council."
(Cambridge Chronicle, Thursday, November 3, 2005 – Editorial: Vote for change on Nov. 8)

The Alewife

"Craig A. Kelley is a neighborhood activist for North Cambridge and the former leader of the North Cambridge Stabilization Committee for 10 years. He is spot on when he details incident after incident when the city leaders have ignored neighborhood concerns. He is spot on when he describes the flight from the city by families with children high school age children.

Kelley has railed against poorly designed sewage overflows, the flaunting by developers of parking requirements and school department bureaucracy sits on the back of our schools like a piano."