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Because Neighborhoods Count 


Speeches & Letters

Never at a loss for words, Craig continues to give speeches at local events and send letters to the Chronicle.

Connor's Corner

. . . Life is funny, and scary, when it gets as arbitrary as that, and there's not a parent in the world who hasn't trembled at the thought that we can't always control Lady Luck. . . .

City needs fresh look at affordable housing

. . . In short, Cambridge residents deserve to be treated like honorable, valued parts of our City . . .

Lesley expansion part of larger trend

. . . People have invested in houses and started businesses based on the reasonable expectation that our zoning laws would protect their investments from improper development . . .

Why I voted against the city budget - again

. . . I felt that the budget did not adequately reflect my priorities for safer streets, safer sidewalks, a stronger tree program, more proactive planning and parking departments and more transparency concerning the Council's euphemistically titled "research assistants." . . .

Ethical Society Speech

. . . you make your decisions as honestly as you can and try to have faith that others are doing the same. In an imperfect world full of imperfect choices, I feel that that is about as ethical as one can get.

Patriots' Day Speech

. . . So the next time a co-worker questions your value as a citizen because you come from liberal Cambridge . . . stand up straight, look the speaker in the eye and say proudly, "I'm from Cambridge. I know what it means to be a Patriot."