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Cambridge Request System

City work is done through the Cambridge Request System, whose shorthand name is CRS. CRS entries ask the City to fix potholes, maintain City vehicles, remove graffiti or do any of the many other specific tasks required to run the City. Craig has entered hundreds of CRS requests — see link to his requests on this website, below.

Many Policy Orders become a CRS entry. For example, City staff enters information from a Policy Order to remove graffiti at a park into the CRS.

The progress of an issue through the City's bureaucracy can be monitored using the CRS. When the issue is resolved, the City Manager lets the requestor know by letter.

Only City employees, including Councilors, can enter work requests.

Craig would like to expand the CRS so the general public can enter requests to fill potholes or remove graffiti.

Craig generally enters his requests directly, without using a Policy Order. He carries a small recorder to note issues to enter into the CRS.

Craig Kelley's Entries into the Request System

A sample of Craig's Entries into the Request System.
(A large file — download time with a typical dial-up modem is about 90 seconds.)