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Policy Orders

Policy Orders are simple statements of policy or requests for the City Manager to do something.

If the Order requests a "Report Back" there is generally a formal submission to the Council during the Manager's Agenda in a City Council meeting. If there is no request for a "Report Back", the Manager generally responds with a letter to all the Councilors. "Report Back" Orders that the Manager has not yet responded to are put on the Awaiting Reports list of the City Council's agenda.

Craig favors asking for a "Report Back" because:

  • it allows the public and the Council to comment on the issue during a Council meeting
  • the general public can see the Manager's report on the web, as part of the Council meeting agenda.

Craig's more than 350 Policy Orders tend to focus on gathering data and systemic issues, such as:

  • requesting accident data for North Mass Ave
  • asking the Manager to work with the owners of the Grand Junction Railroad to address crime along the tracks.

City Council Policy Orders Sponsored by Councilor Kelley

All policy orders sponsored by Craig — on the City of Cambridge website.
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