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Council Actions

This section contains overviews of some of Craig's actions as a City Councilor.

What City Council does

City Council provides policy guidance, approves expenditures, and hires the City Manager, who runs the day-to-day operations of the thousands of City employees.

Meetings start with public comment, where anyone can speak for up to 3 minutes on any Council agenda item. Next is a discussion of the Manager's Agenda, applications, Resolutions, Orders, Committee Reports, etc.

The Council meets most Mondays, except on holidays. In summer there is only one meeting. Council subcommittees meet as decided by their chairs.

City Council Meeting Archives

Videos — on the City of Cambridge website.
Each date is a link to a Windows Media file.

Learn more about the City Council

Information about the City Council, including a link to dates and times of meetings,
is on the City website at

What else is in
Council Actions:

Policy Orders
Simple statements of policy or requests for the City Manager to do something.

Committee Reports
For the Council's Committee on Transportation, Traffic and Parking, which Craig chairs.

Request System
Entries ask the City to do the many specific tasks required to run the City.

Letters to Agencies
Asking for a priority on residents' concerns when reviewing applications for variances, permits and licenses.

Speeches & Letters
Speeches at local events and letters to the Chronicle.