Craig Kelley #1 Craig Kelley for Cambridge City Council in 2015I want to vote for Craig
Because Neighborhoods Count 

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2011 Campaign literature

Flyer (Adobe Acrobat file)

You count!
Your voice counts!

2007 Campaign literature

This information is still relevant in 2011.

Because Neighborhoods Count! (Adobe Acrobat file)

Craig is a Voice for Accountabilty,
Craig is a Force for Positive Change,
Craig is Passionate About People.

2005 Campaign literature

This information is still relevant in 2011.

Cambridge Community Television video (On CCTV website)

Craig is interviewed.

Adobe Acrobat files:

Because Neighborhoods Count!

Neighborhood advocate, Public school leader, Environmental professional, Former Marine Corps officer, Published author, cum laude BC Law graduate
. . . Every neighborhood needs a voice — Craig Kelley wants to be yours . . .

Public Education

Craig Kelley is committed to a public education system in Cambridge that is good enough to meet the needs of every child in the city . . .


2003 Campaign literature

This information is still relevant in 2007.

Adobe Acrobat files:

Craig on Dogs

. . . Double gated dog runs in local parks . . . could answer owners' needs . . .

Craig on Neighborhoods

. . . Strong neighborhoods are the backbone of a livable city . . .

Craig on Schools

. . . A good school system is the heart of a healthy city . . .

Craig's vision for Cambridge

Summary - plus photo of Craig and family.


Quotes from some of the people endorsing Craig.

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