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Because Neighborhoods Count 

Learn about the breadth of Craig's interests by reading about his writing:
Sierra Club, military, environment, a novel, and political poetry.


Sierra Club

Inner City Outings heads to the mountains

. . . a Sierra Club program designed to expose city kids to nature . . .

The Surprise

. . . the gifts these people were giving us would help my family grow . . . because of the love with which they were given . . .

Inner City Outings heads to Carol Park

. . . Each hike is an adventure for the kids, many of whom have never been surrounded by trees before . . .

(Information on Inner City Outings on Massachusetts Sierra Club website)


Legion's anti-ACLU stance goes too far

. . . In a truly over-the-top stretch, Mr. Lloyd went so far as to virtually accuse me, a USMC veteran and Legionnaire, of being an Islamic terrorist simply by vitue of being a proud cardcarrying member of the ACLU . . .
. . . It is clear that Mr. Lloyd's values, however he obtained them, are not the American values I grew up with and swore to defend . . .

Intolerance of Marine Officer Corps

. . . The military is not, and should not be, a world apart from the rest of the nation . . .

Battle road's lessons still relevant 228 years later

. . . Ragtag soldiers bloodied and almost destroyed the best the world's leading military power could throw at them . . .

Gay bashing in Gazette goes too far

. . . It both saddens and scares me that an organization . . . would endorse such hateful, anti-homosexual, gay-bashing propaganda . . .


Sub-MOPP 4 Protective Postures for a Post-9/11 World

Department of Defense Real World Clear Air Symposium, Homeland Security Track. Seattle, WA. May 21, 2003.

Environmental Compliance Handbook

Lewis Publishers, Inc. 1996. (With Dr. Jacob Bregman and James Melchor.)
(Book description on website)

Novel - Full Dressout

From the Massachusetts Sierran review, Spring, 2002

". . . once started, I found it hard to put down-- and then cheated by going directly to the end."

From the Cambridge Chronicle review, May 21, 2002

"In short, Kelley has written a good book, one which pulsates with action. It is a book which makes you think, what if. In the case of "Full Dressout," you can tell yourself it is only a book, but one worth reading. You never know."

(Book description on website)

Political Poetry

Craig combines his sense of humor, his love of writing, and his political concerns in poetry:

Waking Jesus

The Waves were getting Bigger
and the wind was blowing loud.
The night was getting darker
and the bravest men were cowed . . .

At the North end of Cambridge

At the North end of Cambridge, near the Arlington sign
A big chunk of concrete hides an old trolley line
And the neighborhood people like that arrangement just fine
On the street of the lifted median . . .

Freedom's Flame

. . . Other than their names on a wall, there seems to be nothing else to remember these original patriots . . .

Over two hundred years ago
they fought and died for freedom.
Despite the years that have passed since then,
we know that we still need 'em . . .

City Council's pay raise

. . . When I think back to the race that fall
There's one thing that I remember.
Getting a pay raise wasn't mentioned at all
by a single Council member . . .

My backyard

. . . The issues that once seemed so clear
Have become quite fuzzy as they drew near.
And I find it's much too hard
To be eco-conscious in my backyard.

A Cambridge New Year

. . . Once done with the Alewife, the Council rushed on
if they took time to listen, they'd have stayed until dawn.
"Those folks in East Cambridge can play in the street.
That space is quite open and the price can't be beat . . ."

Fishing and winning in North Cambridge

Listen North Cambridge to my tale of woe
of why our tax base will cease to grow.
It's a story that will bring you to the realization
that what's wrong with North Cambridge is all Stabilization . . ."


Dear Senator McCain

. . . my foreign policy expertise is exactly what our nation wants in someone who would be just a heartbeat from the Presidency.